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Council Activities
Business meetings are held twice a month in the Parish Meeting Room 2 at 3150 Windsor Park Road. The Executive and Directors Meetings are held at 6:30 p.m. (before Mass) on the second Tuesday of each month. Council Meetings (for all members) are held on the same day, at 7:30 p.m, (right after Mass).  No regular Council Meetings are held during the summer months of July and August.

Our council hosts a large number of council activities throughout the year.  Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

Monthly activities include: Coat Check fund raisers at local hotels, Bingo fund raisers working together with other councils, and the Blood Drives for Canadian Blood Services.

Recurring Annual activities include: Knights of Columbus Basketball Free Throw Championship, State-organized Charity Appeal Raffle with $10,000 first prize, Knights of Columbus Home Lottery, Roughrider Pool Ticket Sales, Grey Cup Pool Ticket Sales, food concession sales at the  Saskatchewan Air Show in Moose Jaw, and the Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Appeal.  Click here to learn about how the Christmas Kettle Appeal began in San Francisco in 1891.

Future activities to be included here will be Church Activities, Youth Activities, Family Activities, Community Service and Council Activities.

Since we are members of a new Parish, there are many new things happening, and we need all of our brother Knights to volunteer for:

  • New Parish programs and activities to implement.

  • Assist in fund raising projects to help pay for our Church and Hall.

  • Raise money to support activities for our Parish’s youth.

  • Raise money to support the needy in our Parish and beyond.

  • Assisting with setup and Alter Serving for Parish Funerals..

Upcoming Events

Help Save a Life . . .
During all holiday weekends, blood supplies often reach dangerously low levels so Canadian Blood Services depends on the Regina Chapter Knights of Columbus for our assistance to help them with a special blood donor clinics throughout the year.  Blood Donor Clinic are held regularly on from at Canadian Blood Services (CBS) on Broad St. & Broadway Ave.  All Knights, families, friends and the entire catholic community are urged to participate in this very worthwhile cause.  Lunch will be provided and sometimes prizes are awarded.  Please call CBS in advance at 352-5663 to check for the next Knights clinic or to book an appointment.

Resurrection Parish Events

 January 2019
 Tues. 8th 6:30pm  Officers Meeting  Meeting Rm 1-2
 Tues, 8th 7:30pm  Council Meeting  Meeting Rm 1-2
 February 2019
 Tues. 12 6:30  Officers Meeting  Meeting Rm 1-2
 Tues. 12 7:30  Council Meeting  Meeting Rm 1-2

Resurrection Parish Events

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